Group Theory

Group Theory describes the mathematical discipline concerned with algebraic structures that assemble in various ways, according to basic axioms. Group Theory maintains that a simple set of rules, executed across generations of trials may produce many complex and distinct outcomes. Modules, male at one end and female at the other (like a button and a buttonhole), can join to a part identical to itself in four distinct ways. By scaling the part to include two male and two female ends, the possibilities for connection – also called "symmetries" – increase to sixteen. I produced these forms by creating a given number of parts and "playing out" a set of choices for their interconnection.

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This project started as a large poplar beam, which I cut into 24 slabs. I then cored out each slab, lacquered the inside and reassembled the pieces according to their original orientation. Each of the resulting, hollow pieces fits together to resemble the original beam.