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I use material transformation and assembly as a metaphor for personal evolution and the struggle for authenticity. I employ ordinary sculptural and photographic processes to create resonant material outcomes. The exhibition of my work attempts to reveal these processes to develop persuasive reflections on self-definition and social connection.






Dan Price lives and works in Chicago, IL where he is Assistant Professor of Sculpture at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He holds a B.A. in Fine Art from the Colorado College and a M.F.A. in Sculpture with honors from the Rhode Island School of Design. 


Price has exhibited his videos and sculpture at the Kennedy Museum in Athens, Ohio, Triple Candie Gallery, New York; White Columns Gallery, New York; Angstrom Gallery in Los Angeles and at the Rhode Island School of Design Art Museum in Providence.


Price has been artist-in-residence at Art Omi in New York, Can Serrat in Spain, Elsewhere Elsewhere in Greensboro, NC, and the Banff Centre in Canada. He has taught Art and English in a Xhosa high school in South Africa, and completed a two-year course of study as a Core Student at the Penland School of Art and Crafts in North Carolina. He has worked for several design firms including nodesignin New Orleans and The Glass Project in Jamestown, Rhode Island.



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© 2015 DAN PRICE

Site by Benny Dale

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